Workshops And Awareness Programs

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Samyukta believes that any program or teaching strategy is as good as the person directly in touch with the child, whether its the teacher on the classroom floor, the child’s parents or their caretakers. Thus a large part of our effort goes into capacity building- for teachers, parents and other personnel involved in early childhood care.

  • Organisational capacity building, for not-for-profit organisations , preschools and primary schools, teacher training, refresher training, mentoring and guidance.
  • Teacher training,  stand-alone training modules for teachers, in the technical as well and soft-skill areas. We offer open programs, workshops and teacher training events at frequent intervals.
  • Parent Programs, are open programs for awareness, sharing and reflective sessions for parents of young children.
  • Partnerships for technical support and course content planning with training organisations offering certified courses in early childhood education, inclusive education  and special education. 


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