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Mahiti - An Infoletter


Mahiti - An Infoletter for parents and teachers of preschool children It gives us great pleasure and a great sense of privilege to communicate through this Free Info letter.

Mahiti is basically a medium of communication on the issues close to the core of early child development. They could be issues to do with teaching, parenting, policies, principles or guidelines.

It is meant to be a two-way communication, so please write back to us, it will help us to keep going and make a difference together.

Though the issues dealt with are relevant for all of us interacting with children in any capacity, some issues may be more relevant for teachers of preschool children and some for the parents.

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This book is a very brief introduction to the vast area that is Early Childhood Education. The main purpose of this book is to excite enquiry and a thirst for more in-depth exploration of the field of early childhood care, development and education. 

This book can be procured from