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How We Do It


Samyukta works with a variety of partners, offers open programs and publications related to early childhood care and development.

Open Programs 

Samyukta offers stand-alone programs and workshops on various topics related to early childhood for parents and parent groups, teachers and staff of not-for-profit organisations.


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Understanding Your Child

[0-3 years;3-6 years|6-11 years]

Recognising and Understanding Developmental Delays

[0-6 years]

Understanding Your Preschooler

Understanding the Primary School Child

Early Childhood Education

Preschool Education

Early Literacy & Numeracy

Recognising and Understanding Developmental Delays in preschool children

Classroom management

Inclusive Early Childhood Education

Translating policy to practice ECCE

Developing capacity building skills

We also offer customised training programs to organisations on request

We also offer customised training programs to organisations  on request. Get In Touch to schedule a customised training for your organisations



Samyukta ties up with existing or new programs being implemented by organisations offering services for early childhood. We offer customised support for early childhood care, development and education, including special needs in the early years for organisations working in the development sector, affordable schools, rural and urban pre- and primary schools and  special schools.