Samyukta is a Sanskrit word which means "United; Associated; 

Joint or Accessory "

Samyukta Child Development Consultancy is a Bangalore based consultancy firm for Early Childhood Care and Education including special needs in the early years.

Early Childhood encompasses the age range of birth to 8 years of age. Early Childhood Care and Education includes child care, all areas of development, early education and special needs.

We offer technical support to organisations and centres working with children in any of the above areas, but are open to working with any issues related to early childhood.

In order to ensure the quality  and efficacy of the early childhood programs,  Samyukta CDC understands the children being served by the programs, does a needs and resource mapping and understanding, and thereafter offers customised and contextualised support to the organisations.

We offer consultancy services for non-profit organisations, pre-schools, and special education centres across the country. 

Vision And Mission

Samyukta Child Development Consultancy

Gayatri Kiran is an early childhood education and special needs consultant based out of Bangalore, with 20+ years of experience. Read More  >>


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