Samyukta is a Sanskrit word which means - United; Associated; Joint or Accessory.

Samyukta aims to work with existing infrastructure in the area of child development on a consultancy basis, in order to contribute more fully towards their functioning. We believe that if the roots are strong, it will guarantee a healthy tree. Similarly, if our country is to progress, we have to move ahead together. With this vision in mind, we plan to expand our reach to Rural Education sector in a very focussed manner.

As part of its other activities, Samyukta has also introduced Mahiti - An Infoletter. It is free news letter exclusively for parents and teachers of children under the age of 6 years.

Our joint partners will be NGOs working in the area of child development, special needs institutions, teacher training organizations, preschool and mainstream schools, government programs like SSA etc, children’s book publishers, research organizations, to name a few.